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How To Lower Closing Costs

Closing costs help facilitate the sale of a home and both buyers and sellers pitch in. Some closing costs can be paid before the home is officially sold and others are paid at the end. However, closing costs aren’t set into stone and they can be negotiable. Sit with your buyers and help them look over everything to make sure all the numbers are right and encourage them to plan with the lender accordingly in how they can be lowered. Loyalty Programs Some banks offer assistance to buyers when they use them to help pay for the purchase. It’s a way for a bank to reward loyal customers. Closing at the End of the Month Schedule the closing at the end of...

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What to Repair in your Home Before you List

A lot of money goes into buying a new house so it is understandable if a seller feels hesitant investing even more money to fix up their current house prior to selling. However, sellers may not realize that some of the issues they live with every day and consider minor, such as the hallway light switch or the kitchen sink that has plumbing issues, may actually be considered major to home buyers. These issues may even prevent buyers from making an offer on a home or encourage them to make a lower offer. It’s crucial to remind your sellers to keep their home presentable and in good shape before and while it is listed on the market. That being said, read...

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Tips for a Buyer of a Fixer-Upper

Over the last few years, weekend warriors have been delighted to find an abundance of television shows devoted to fixing up homes. More specifically, they show viewers how to take a fixer-upper and turn it from an ugly duckling to a special property that they can call home. It sounds so easy but before you encourage your buyers to grab a sledgehammer and head out to buy that cheap bank owned building on the corner, there are things to consider. First and foremost, be realistic, ask them the hard question, how handy are you really? Fixer-uppers can vary from cosmetic paint and carpet, maybe changing a countertop or fixtures; then there are fixers which have electrical problems and slab leaks....

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5 Things Millennial Home Buyers Look For

Millennials have entered the housing market and have ideas about what they want in their new home. Home design trends are becoming more innovative and reflective of the way we live today. These young home buyers want bright homes which are informal and inviting; places where friends and families can gather and relax together. Who Are These Millennial Home Buyers? Millennials are also the first generation that grew up on technology. Most never knew a home without a computer, video game console or cell phone. They want their spaces to be intuitive and innovative. They buy “smart” products! Self-adjusting blinds, lights, appliances and other home features appeal to their sense of a technologically advanced home. Homes are being built with...

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10 Key Principles When Designing a Home for Resale

When I first got into the real estate business, I thought I would be doing one thing: selling real estate. Man, was I wrong? On any given day, I am a photographer, therapist, credit coach, translator, child wrangler and my favorite, interior designer. We wear all the hats as agents but today lets talk about the key elements to make a home stand out before it hits the market. Interior design is more than just picking a few paint colors and adding a couple of throw pillows. Creating the right style, mood and ambiance is a thoughtful mixing of design elements to form the desired look.  Reclaimed wood, subtle colors, natural stones, and soft fabrics are all design elements which when...

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